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Palace Wreckers, A Revenge Comedy

World Premiere #59: A Central Works Method Play:

Palace Wreckers is a "revenge comedy" based on the Oresteia by Aeschylus, the play Hamlet echoes, in a way, the story of Orestes--but funny. There’s an old house, once a stately mansion, out in the high deserts of Nevada. The old place is surrounded by a huge junkyard, a family owned auto-wrecking yard called Palace Wreckers. Oresteez, a prodigal son of sorts, returns home with his sister, Elektra. Their father has died, and the two estranged siblings want to reunite with their bereft mother. But there’s a new man in the house. And Elektra soon begins to suspect it was foul play that put her beloved father in the grave. Elektra wants revenge! What’s our prodigal son to do?

Online: $30 - $38

At the door: $15 - $38 sliding scale

Pay-what-you-can: Preview performances and every Thursday at the door as available


Berkeley City Club

2315 Durant Ave, Berkeley CA 94704

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